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SeneGence products really work the way we say they do, and many of them do double duty as multi-use products! Here are a few tips for using SeneGence products in ways you may have not tried before:

Nangai Oil Nangai oil is a great facial moisturizer, but it is also a great moisturizer for nail cuticles and dry, damaged hair ends.

ShadowSense Shimmers- They look amazing on eyelids, but they make fantastic highlighters too! Try Sandstone Pearl Shimmer or Pink Opal Shimmer on cheeks, bridge of nose and decollate to highlight.

ShadowSense Mattes- Our wide range of shades are gorgeous on eyes, but they are also great for highlighting and concealing too! If you need a specialized concealer shade, try mixing a ShadowSense shade like Amethyst, with White Color Corrective Concealer to create a custom concealer. Candlelight and Sandstone Pearl make great concealers too.

Translucid Powders- These fine powders can be used as toppers over ShadowSense, blush, and contour. Try Silver Rose as a gorgeous, sparkly topper over your ShadowSense look. With Bronze Dust, slide the barrel up to create tighter bristles, and use to contour cheeks.

Moisturizing Body Wash- For a pampering experience, try Body Wash as bubble bath! It will create a rich foam that works to soothe and condition skin.

These are only a few of the ways you can customize SeneGence products to fit your needs!

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