Liquid Biocell Products: A quick guide of frequently asked questions

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Liquid Biocell is a hidden gem that most people don’t even know about yet. I wanted a to quickly throw out there some info on it and the differences between each one. This is may not answer all your questions, but it’s a great start towards making the decision to incorporate Liquid Biocell Collagen into your daily routine.

The Differences in Each LBC product:

*The difference in each is the delivery system, the supporting ingredients.

  • LIFE:
    Supporting ingredients are the 13 Fruits and Resveratrol that are the base mixture, this is the delivery system and has in this mixture the exclusively owned blend of Liquid BioCell. Resveratrol bringing you cardiovascular benefits, and decreased inflammation. 13 phytonutrient fruits (blueberry, red grapes, maqui, strawberry, apple, noni, pomegranate, mangosteen, nopal, acai , jujube, gogi, cranberry) Vitamin C helps neutralize the free radicals that cause cell damage, and helps begin the chain reaction toward normal cell maintenance. Resveratrol: Two daily servings contain the same amount of Resveratrol as 8 bottles of red wine.
  • SKIN:
    For skin focus. Has some of the cross over of LIFE plus an added Ceramides, which supports skin’s hydration, firmness, and elasticity. Bamboo, promoting skin strength with silica extract, Vitamin C, Boosts collagen production and maintenance of skin. Green tea and grapeseed extracts. And also includes some of the LIFE base mixture, 14 antioxidant phytonutrient fruit, (pomegranate, jabuticaba, açaí, cranberry, mangosteen, acerola, amla, goji, maqui, strawberry, schisandra, apple, pear, grape.
    This product is not ‘certified’ Gluten Free as all of our other formulas are. It does have a wheat product, not the gluten, but because it hasn’t been tested it can’t be certified as Gluten free with the Wheat ingredient.
  • SPORT:
    Delivery system chosen for those who are physically active. You can consume this in professional sports because or product is NSF certified, which means there are no illegal substances. BCAAs branched-chain amino acids, (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) Helps repair and rebuild muscle when used in conjunction with resistance training L-carnitine. Supports energy production and mental focus. Helps reduce fatigue caused by buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Rhodiola and astragalus extracts known for their antioxidative properties, 9 phytonutrient fruits, (tart cherry, rhodiola, astragalus, pomegranate, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, apple, pear), Known for their antioxidative properties.
  • PURE: This is the RAW version of the BIOCELL without the additional delivery systems.
    With any health conditions, or sensitivities, this version gives you the basic BIOCELL product in it’s raw form with no additional fruits and base mixtures. If you are taking TRIM and your goal is weight loss, the PURE version is recommended. PURE is 0 Carbs and 0 Sugars.

Difference between Liquid BioCell and other Collagens:

It makes our field proud to be distinguished amongst the competition.

Difference between Liquid BioCell® and BioCell Collagen capsules:
Liquid BioCell is the only product with the liquid form of BioCell Collagen® on the market. Liquid dietary supplements are the preferred delivery system to the body, absorbed faster, and do not undergo the typical digestive steps required for tablets, capsules, or powders. In addition, dose compliance becomes difficult with solid dosage forms of supplements. Being a liquid, Liquid BioCell Life is convenient and easy to swallow, and highly effective.

Social Marketers & CUSTOMERS:

  • Liquid Collagen, All Liquid Bio Cell products can now be ordered in your current account, log in and you will see the Modere Sciences Collagen products. If you have never placed an order use the referral code below and the buttons to create your accounts which will allow you to order.
  • The Life & Pure are not the only two available, you will see Skin, Sport, Pet, Equine, to learn more about each, see the ‘files’ here in this community page.
  • LIFE comes in a case of 4 glass bottles. Two ounces twice a day. $140.00
  • PURE comes in a case of 2 glass bottles $140.00 One ounce twice a day of the concentrated product.
  • PURE is a 0 carb, 0 sugars, Sweetened with Stevia for those who need no sugars. Pure and Life being the same benefits.
  • LIFE will have a sweeter taste. Has many fruits for flavoring and a natural sweetening.
  • PURE is sweetened with stevia instead.
  • Pure and Life are equally as effective for their purpose. Keeping your current health concerns and weight goals in mind when choosing Pure or Life.
  • The benefit is the same in Life & Pure, the delivery system is different. If you are on blood thinners, Pure will be a better choice.
  • Life has a natural sweetener in it which is derived from fruits, not raw sugar. For diabetics that watch their sugars, this is safe. May need to start with half the dosage at first and increase. Those that understand the difference between natural sugar, raw sugar and artificial sweeteners will understand why this is still safe.


“So funny story.:: my stylist used to always ask me why I parted my hair so far over.:: I said my hair just fell better that way. As you can see in the pic my hair like was super receding !!! Kids… stress & hormones will do that to you!

Fast forward to May of 2017 & I finally found an ALL-NATURAL and SAFE alternative to Hair growth. 🌱It works from the inside out by restoring youthful levels of collagen and Hyaluronic acid to the hair follicles. 💦 pic on the right shows how much my hairline has come in 🤗

Lately many have been lashing out against an expensive shampoo that used long term is leading to Hair loss, scalp sores and more. Scary. 😰😱

Our product has been studied and used long term and is something you can feel confident knowing there won’t be any negative surprises in the future. “ Clair


“I started on LBC 12 days ago in hopes of reducing my body aches. I’ve been on a search for alternative relief for a long time yet nothing made sense to me and /or worked. I was using traditional pharmaceuticals to get relief. We all know how good that is for us long term….

You see, I suffer with fibromyalgia. When I learned about LBC and what it can do for our joint and connective tissue health I knew I had to give it a chance. Even though I’m a big sceptic by nature. The ingredients are a perfect fit for someone like me.

Here is my invisible results after only 12 days.

  • I sleep better
  • my pain has significantly reduced – major major bonus😁😁
  •  I have more energy

Below is my visible results. Only 12 days in. This product is the bomb!GabriEla

For Horse?

Equine is the cutting-edge, veterinarian-approved nutraceutical designed with the stringent specifications to meet the demanding needs of athletic performance and complete joint support for horses. The performance secret for top breeders.
A breakthrough so advanced, Modere Collage Sciences Equine Blend is a clinically substantiated nutraceutical for horses of all breeds, including top racehorses.
  • Debuted in 8 of the top Breeders’ Cup horses
  • Veterinarian-approved and endorsed
  • Used by top trainers
  • Manufactured in a cGMP, NSF, NPA certified facility
  • Made in the USA 
  • Great-tasting natural rosemary flavor

Biocell Pet Testimony

“We recently started giving our 11 year old dog Meisha, Biocell pet.We have noticed an amazing improvement, not only is her coat shiny and soft, but she has nearly stopped biting and licking her paws. That was a constant all day thing.  She has high energy like she’s a puppy again, she is able to jump up on the bed as before she couldn’t. One of the biggest improvements is, we have noticed is her her eye improvement. She has cataracts and we have struggled with her eye as it gets really sore and infected and creates a crusty goop on her eye daily. She has been dependent on her daily drops from the vet that seem to not really help her. Since taking Biocell pet. Her eye has been looking and feeling much better. We have not had to clean the crust in her eye as it was a daily task. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a pet 


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      Liquid biocell isn’t designed to help with diabetes. Pure is just sugar free which is more diabetic friendly. We can’t make specific claims in regards to diabetes or other types of health issues. Biocell is for collagen- hair, skin, nails, bone joints and function, ect. I would try the Carb Blocker…that will help block some carbs and it has white kidney bean in it which is good for the pancreas.

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