How to do Ombre with LipSense

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Getting creative with your Lipsense keeps your lips trendy and sassy! If you have 3 tubes of lipsense, then you can get 27 different shades by layering them in different ways. This is a pretty simple and economical way to spice you your lip color. But there is a trend that we CAN’T ignore, Ombre.

To Ombre your Lipsense, you need the following:

  1. Darker shade of Lipsense (ie: mulled wine)
  2. A  medium shade of Lipsense (ie: blu-red)
  3. Gloss of your choice (ie: Glossy gloss…the most moisturizing)
  4. Ooops remover ( for mistakes and removal)

Step by step Ombre application:

  1. Outline lips with the darkest color
  2. Go back over outline. Focus on building color in corners
  3. One more layer of dark outline (total 3 layers)
  4. Fill in uncovered area with medium/lighter color
  5. Apply second layer of medium/lighter color (only slightly overlapping darker color)
  6. Apply third layer of medium/lighter color over entire lip
  7. Finish with your choice of gloss
  8. Voila…Beautiful Ombre

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