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Every day, we are exposed to the elements of prolonged sunlight exposure or big city air pollution – which cause highly negative effects for our skin. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can create increased risk for skin health, and published studies have shown that increased air pollution is linked to brown spots and signs of aging on the skin. However, there are some ways for us to combat the harmful effects of sunlight and toxic air pollutants.

  1. Consume high-antioxidant foods – Blueberries, oranges, spinach, grapes, pecans, and red beans are just a few examples of some foods rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are healthy for your skin and help it to combat free radicals found in the air.
  2. Wear protective sunscreen – Use sunscreen as part of your skin-damaging prevention routine. Although sunscreen does not block all UV rays, it provides a layer of protection against UV radiation damage. SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen is a super lightweight and oil-free spray for UV ray protection, and also contains SenePlex+ for increased cellular renewal. Use it daily on areas of exposed skin.
  3. Keep your skin hydrated – Studies show that people living in polluted areas tend to have much lower skin hydration. Use SeneDerm DayTime and Evening Moisturizers to help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day! For advanced hydration and anti-aging protection, add Climate Control and Collagen Night Pak into your routine.
  4. Apply a Vitamin-C serum – On top of adding high-antioxidant foods into your diet, you can also add Vitamin-C to your skin protection regimen. Try SeneSerum-C, a 100% natural anti-aging urbanization defense formula that repairs damaged skin while helping to prevent further damage from toxic environmental pollutants. Use day and night under moisturizers.
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