Gloss Boss Success: 6 Ways to Keep your Lip Biz Simple

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In my years of experience in Multi-level Marketing, success happens when you keep things simple. This quickest way to fail is to over complicate your business to the point you quit. No one remembers the person who quit, but everyone remembers that person they see consistently working hard. Effort in this business directly correlates with your success and how much you get paid.

In business, you are your OWN BOSS and you must work like a Gloss Boss. No one is going to hold your hand. No one is going to make you do anything. This is a work for pay biz…you work you get paid. You don’t work…you don’t get paid. We also hold a lot of power and influence as leaders.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Ben Parker, Spiderman

We have the power to inspire people to do amazing things through our words and our actions we take. If we fail to work hard at our business, then we will not have anyone following our direction. If we work with an amazing attitude and persevere through obstacles, then people have hope that they can get through their own obstacles.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…I have 6 Tips to keep your business simple. Any successful business can be broken down, simplified, and duplicated. The key to this biz is doing the same things over and over again, then teaching others to do the same. Action creates momentum. Inaction creates frustration.


In order for you to become a successful business leader, you must BEGIN. To enroll as a Senegence Independent distributor, then you must enroll for $55. This Gets you all the opportunity you need to have amazing make-up and skin care, make a bunch of friends, and become financially independent. Repeat this by getting others to begin and enroll for $55.

(Click the sell tab, then click the round big blue Sign-up button.)

Tip #1

Being a SeneGence Independent Distributor, you are ready to begin using and selling. Your first stock order is very important. People like to buy cash and carry…so if you don’t stock the colors they want, then they’ll order from someone else. Having colors on hand means your doors are open for biz. Your first order should be at least 300 pv (40% discount), but 750 pv is a better option (50% discount). 750 pv every month gets you Significant Seller perks. 300 pv every month keeps you commission qualified so you can earn your downline paychecks.

Repeat this by replenishing your stock each month.

When ordering:

Order in collections. A collection is 1 color, 1 gloss, and Ooops remover. Order 3-4 of a few colors which gives you 1 to keep and then sell the rest. The one you keep you can use and demo with. Purchase lipsense demo applicators so you can keep your tubes sanitary. I don’t let people double dip into the tubes. They must use a clean applicator every time they dip in.

Tip #2

Book a Launch Party! If you aren’t telling the world you are now selling Lipsense and Senegence products, then they will buy from someone else. You want everyone to know what you do. Launch in your home, on social media, in your Facebook group, and on your Profiles. You need to sell through 70% of your stock every month. This is something that I consider as actively working your business. You don’t want stock building up. You want to be moving through it so you can order new colors. Keep 10% of your profits to reinvest in your business each month. Repeat this by booking parties each month! When you go to a party or have a party…make it a goal to book 1 to replace that party on your calendar and 1 more to grow.

For Invoices and Taking Credit Cards I use Square. (Click Here to get Square)

Facebook Group-

It’s very important you start a FB group. This is like your store. You will build relationships with your customer and team through this group. 99% of my sales come from my FB selling group. If you aren’t putting your biz out there, then people will buy from someone else. Why shouldn’t you be their go-to gloss boss?

Join my group “The Lip Shack“!


Tip #3

TRY IT and POST IT! People aren’t going to buy something from you that you don’t use yourself. So try your LipSense and post a picture and video about it! People will want to try it. They will buy the colors you are wearing and are posting about. Usually I sell out of the colors that I post about that day. If you promote it, then people will want it.

Repeat this step by wearing and showing your lips every day.


Tip #4

Make your 100s list! WHO do you know? Who do you cross paths with every day? Who do you cross paths with throughout the year? Who do you cross paths with at the grocery store? Neighbors? High school friends? Relatives? Who do you know who likes make-up? Who do you know who have kids? Who do you know who have skin? Who do you know who are female? Who do you know male who have important women in their lives? What salons are around you? What soccer moms do you know?

As you are writing your list of people you know…you’ll be surprised at who you know. Go through your phone contacts, friends lists, etc to start…then expand from there.  PLUS the world is a lot smaller these days with social media…who do you know on your lists from other states?

To be frank, this is a networking business. We get paid to make friends and make sure they don’t wear smudgy lipstick.

Repeat this by making new friends every day to add to this list.

Tip #5

BOOK YOUR CALENDAR! Each month choose at least 2-3 days per week you will be out doing events, demos, and parties. The more you get your business out in front of people… the more likely you’ll be the leader in that area. You want people buying from you, not someone else.

Fill your calendar with:

-Individual demo appointments

-Vendor shows

-Bridal shows

-Dates to be at salons demoing


-Facebook live videos and parties

-Lip and Sip Parties

-Martini opportunity nights with your team (everyone brings guests)

-Anything that is income producing. I sell a lot of LipSense at soccer games to my fellow soccer moms.

Tip #6

Demo Repeat. Recruit Repeat. Now that your calendar is full…you need to do the demos. Your goal is to either get a sale or to get them to enroll for the $55 and open their wholesale distributor account (personal use or wanting to sell). You must do the actions to get people interested, but you also need to ask for the close.

“What would be easier for you? Paying retail price right now or opening a wholesale account to get 20 to 50% off every time you order?” 

There are 3 options for people to get their product:

  1. Retail price: cash and carry right now through you.
  2. Open a $55 wholesale account: Use personal use and get a 20-50% discount each time they order.
  3. Get their product for FREE: They open an account for $55 and sell enough product to pay for their own addiction. People will find that not only will they pay for their own addiction, they will make some extra money on the side.

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