Fail to Fear vs Fear to Fail

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Everyone, I mean Everyone has feared something at one point in their life. What each person fears is personal to them. I cannot begin to speak on what someone else fears or what their truth is. I do know what is inside my head and what my own truth is.

Let’s begin with a few words of wisdom!

Why the heck not?!

Who the heck cares what they think, do it anyway!

You are worthy of the success that is in your future!

You deserve to live the life you dream. Your ideal day isn’t as far off as you think.

If you did it once, then you can do it again.

Everyone starts a new journey at the beginning! Everyone is scared, excited, nervous, and inspired all at the same time. No one has singular emotions about their new journey.

Now that we got those words out of the way! We can begin.

I’m going to speak about MY FEAR in regards to beginning again. My favorite people said who the heck cares what you did before because we believe in you. Sometimes it’s hard to listen and know that belief in your own heart until you actually begin taking action.

My fear was since I was really successful before, what if I’m really not as good as I think I am? What if I don’t reach the levels of success I did before? What if people are sick of following me and stop believing in me. I switched from one company to a new company…what if they think I’m a quitter? Who wants to follow a quitter?

Do you read those fears that I just expressed? To be honest with you, they are all in my head and really have no merit. Success in anything is mostly mental. Once we push past those fears, then we allow great things happen to us. We are worthy of the success we work for.

To address those fears I will start with my previous success. That was in the past! It honestly doesn’t really matter what I did in my last company or the success I reached. My new business will reach the levels of success from the work that I put into it. The past doesn’t have to be a direct predictor of future behavior because the future isn’t written yet. IT CAN BE BETTER THAN YOUR PAST! Strive for more. My business is my business, period. If people want to follow me, then I will welcome them with open arms. If they just want to watch me for a few months, then that’s great. If they aren’t interested…I still love them anyway and want to be their friend.

AS for leaving my last company, there was something broken with my team and my belief for the last probably 4 years of my time with them. Something was missing, but until recently I couldn’t really verbalize and pin point what it was. Now that I know, I am much happier with where I am at and the future that my people will have with this. There is a reason a dedicated top leader stops believing or leaves. It’s not that leader that people should judge. It’s the company that should ask why their people are leaving and what can they do to fix it. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that shouldn’t place judgement on others until they experience it first hand.

Fear to fail is a common feeling, but failing to fear is commonly missed feeling.

Failing to Fear is detrimental!

Why do I say we should never fail to fear? If you don’t fear anything in regards to your business, then you are missing passion. Everyone has some fear or another, but you must fear lack of growth. A business like mine you must always grow personally. If you are failing to grow as a leader, then your leaders are failing to grow. If that happens, then you need to be afraid. You also need to have a sense of urgency inside of you during momentum. A healthy fear of people getting your people to join their business before you have a chance to ask is valid. It happens to us all! Don’t be that person who is too afraid to ask people to listen that you miss out. Don’t be so fearless that you just assume everyone knows what you do. I guarantee you they don’t and they most likely won’t ask you straight up. Speak out and Rock out your business!

Fear to fail vs Failing to fear…fine line but very different.

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