17 Ways to Ensure You Rise to Royalty with your Senegence Biz-Part 2

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11. Be proud and loud on Social Media

It takes people seeing something over and over to even notice it. You make think people know you do this business, but they really don’t. Make sure you are showing off your new looks, colors, or a lifestyle picture of you wearing your lipsense. If we have something new, then use that opportunity to share it with everyone. Make what you love exciting for other people. You’ll be surprised at how many ladies want to have fun, get out of the house, and make a little extra money. You’ll be surprised at how many ladies need help with finding make-up looks and colors. Not everyone is a pro at make-up, but they are always open to see tips.

12. Be at 300pv-750pv every single month

300 is the magic pv number. 300 gets you 40% discount (50% if in first 30 days) which is the lowest amount of commission I will take. 300 is also the amount of pv you need to be commission qualified each month to get downline commissions. 300 is also the pv you and your team each needs to promote.

Strive for everyone on your team to have 300pv in sales every month. This will ensure easy promotion through the ranks.

Example rank advancement:

Maiden is the first rank you can achieve. To be a Maiden, in one month you need to be at 300pv in sales and you need 3 personally enrolled team members to each have 300pv. When that happens you will rank up to Maiden. If you hit this, then you are on your way. You want to teach everyone to hit this within their first 30-60 days if they can. People will gain confidence by ranking up. Their excitement and belief will grow with each rank.

The foundational rank:

I believe that Royal in waiting and then royal is a foundational rank because it supports my strive for 5 practice. RiW you will need 300pv in sales yourself and you will need 5 people with 300pv in sales all in the same month. If you do this 2 months in a row, then you hit Royal status. Every rank after this you will always need 5 people personally enrolled by you to have 300pv. As the rank gets higher you will need 5 people on each level up to 5 levels to be at 300pv. Also after a certain rank, they begin to grow the ranks with the 5 levels AND group volume level.

Yes this sounds complicated which is why YOU strive for 5 every month and have every team member strive for 5 every month. Not everyone is going to order 300pv every month. So play it safe and always grow your team. You are always in the trenches…always add new blood to your business.

Example of a higher rank:

For Crown Princess you need to be at 300 pv. 5 people on each of your first 5 levels need to be at 300pv. Your GSV (group sales volume) needs to be minimum $1,000,000 for the sales year.

13. Write down your goals-Where are you headed?

People who write down their goals are more successful. People who attach dates and deadlines to their goals are even more successful. If you don’t know where you are headed, then you are going nowhere. You need something to work towards or you will feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Don’t be afraid to make hard goals that seem like a far off dream. While working towards those harder goals you will write small mini goals that will help you get closer to those bigger goals and dreams.

  • Create a dream board
  • Write down daily goals
  • Write down weekly goals
  • Write down monthly goals
  • Write down quartley goals
  • Write down where you want to be at the end of the year
  • Write down your idea day…your goals should take you to making that become a reality
  • Set dates for those goals (if you don’t achieve it by the date, then sent another date. Don’t give up!)

14. Write down your WHY

Why are you doing this business? People who are in touch with their “Why” are more successful. If you don’t know what motivates you to be successful with your business, then you need to figure it out. Getting rich is not a strong enough why. Money doesn’t motivate most people. Family, extreme need, your kids, or to get out of debt…those are all reasons that will keep you so focused that you won’t stop until you make your goals happen.

I know businesses like this work because my home was once in foreclosure and a business like this help me to pull it out. Life and unfortunate luck can happen to anyone, but opportunity like this can be the vehicle to fix that kind of devastation.This business has more power than most people have the patience to try and achieve. This business will change your life if you allow it. I have kids and they need food, shelter, collect tuition for the future, money to play sports, and a mom who inspires them to be strong independent women. I want to give my kids the advantages they need to be leaders in their lives and for people around them.

15. Learn about your products

It’s not enough to be a product of your product, but you need to know about your product.

  • Watch live trainings. So many leaders do FB live videos. You’ll learn something every time you watch one.
  • Use resources in your back office and read the beauty book, everything you need to know is there at your disposal.
  • Use google to learn more make-up techniques and make fun FB live videos of you trying them.
  • Go to Company events. You can see events on the calendar in the back office.
  • Go to a P.I.T stop Glam training and try for the make-up artist program. It’s fun to become a makeup artist! Plus you’ll earn a lot of money along the way doing the make-overs.

16. Go LIVE

Aaaahhh, I know it’s scary. I get scared too. My people are use to me stumbling and being silly lol. So don’t be afraid to go Live every day on FB, in your groups, or on instagram. I promise you won’t die from it and it’ll get easier. If people see you regularly, then they’ll get to know you better.


Never ever stop learning. There is always something new to learn. You must always see yourself as always “in the trenches”. If you think you made it, then that is when people will pass you up and you will begin to slow down. Always work like you are brand new. Learn new techniques, get better at social media, make more videos, learn how to blog, and grow as leader.

1/3 of your time should be learning about becoming a better leader. Personal development is key to your business survival. A business only grows as big as it’s leader. If you think you know everything, then there is no where to go from there. Strive to be a strong leader and bring your leaders with you. 2/3 of your time should be focused on growing your business, networking, and all income producing activities. 

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