17 Ways to Ensure You Rise to Royalty with your Senegence Biz-Part 1

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So you want to know what it takes to be SeneGence Royalty? I’m going to give you some tips on how to maximize your compensation plan and rise up through the ranks of royalty. Everyone always wanted to be a princess as a kid, but I say why not be an Empress/Emperor?!

As a leader, I don’t want to be mediocre or less. I want to make changes to my life and help those around me make changes too. To create change you must learn things you didn’t know before, do things you have never done, and take action to make things happen. Royalty doesn’t come without being a hard worker. The more you grow as a leader and person, then the more your team will grow and rise up the ranks.

I have been very successful in direct sales and MLM over the last several years. I started when I was 19 and fell in love with the people, the process, and the idea I can control my own success. In a regular J.O.B you are paid to make other people successful and rich, but with your own business you are paid to make your own dreams come true. You care the maker of your own destiny.

Here is the biggest secret to this business before I get to anything else. Are you ready? Being successful in this business is about doing the same things over and over and over again. It seems too simple, but it’s true.

What you need to do over and over and over again:

  • Do something for your business every day.
  • Get good at finding ladies to demo our products. Do this regularly.
  • Get good at closing the sale. If they try it, then why wouldn’t they love it enough to buy it? You did!
  • Get good at offering them the SeneGence Choice: Buy retail from you or Become a distributor for $55 and get a discount.
  • Book your calendar with income producing events.
  • Keep things simple and stay positive. It takes time to build up a lucrative and stable business. 30 days isn’t going to get you to the top of the company. Hard work for weeks, months, or years will get you there.
  • Become a Follow-up Master.
Gloss Boss Success Steps

Learn how to rock your biz.

1. Join SeneGence

The first step to anything is always joining. You can’t truly start unless you enroll. It’s $55 to get started which is very little compared to what other businesses charge to join.


2. Place your first 300pv order in your first 30 days

In your first 30 days of your business you will want to place your first order. I recommend doing this in your first week.

You can “Front Load”: This means placing your 300pv order, then selling this product at parties or to your customers.

You can take “Pre-Orders”: This is an easy way to place larger orders. You take orders at parties, from your friends, ect, then you place the order, deliver when it comes in, and keep the profit.

In the beginning I recommend when you order colors you get 1 for you to use/test and get some to sell. People will buy what they try.

In your first 30 days of your business, 300pv orders are at a 50% discount (normally that level is 40% discount). We want you to maximize your profit right away. I always strive for 40-50% commission/discount.

Here is an example of a great first order:

3. Set-up your Retention rate and Enroll in CDO (USA dts)

For my USA ladies, you will want to log into your back office to enroll in the CDO program (Customer Direct Order). This will allow people to use your ID number on the main Senegence.com website to order or join with you. CDO orders are drop shipped to your customers which means you don’t have to ship it to them. This is great for when you don’t have things in stock, but you will still get paid on it. This is only available for USA distributors at the moment.

For all my ladies, make sure your Retention rate is 0% or 10% if you want to save some of your commissions to put towards stock. At 0% you will receive 100% of your downline commission checks paid out to you. 10% retention means it saves 10% as senecash which you can use towards orders. This is ideal to help you invest back into your biz. I have found that people buy from me because I keep stock on hand.

4. Set up 2 Launch Parties your first 2 weeks

Always remember, if you don’t tell people you started a business, then they won’t know. It’s the worse feeling when you find out your friends or family join/buy from someone else, but didn’t realize you were in this biz.

You should set up a party at your home (at least 1) because it’s best to practice in front of people you already know. This allows you to find your own rhythm. After a while, you will have your groove and realize you will say the same things over and over again.

Party 2 can be at your home on another date or a FB launch party. I always recommend a facebook launch party because it allows people to discreetly browse at their own leisure. Make sure you keep track of who is interacting and going to the event. These are great people to follow up with.

5. Set up 4 Other Demo Parties in your First 30 days

Now that you have your launch parties booked. Time to add more parties to your calendar. People who party grow the quickest and sell the most product. I challenge you to get 4 parties booked in your first 30 days. Start with your warm market (people you know) and see if they would love to help you launch your new business off right.

Tip: When you have a party, then make it a goal to book 2 parties at that party. 1 to replace the party you just had. 1 to grow your business. When you book parties from your parties, then you are getting in front of new people outside of your warm market. You want to always strive to get your business in front of new people.

6. Make¬† your “Who do you know” list (100s List)

Start with writing a list of people you know. These people you will contact. Invite them to your facebook group, to your launch parties, and ask them if they will host one of your first parties. These are also great people to get referrals from.

This list should always grow. Everytime you meet new people or get leads from vendor events they should be added to the list.

Don’t be afraid to add men to this list because they may have mothers, daughters, a wife, or sisters who like to wear make-up. You never know who may need something you have to offer. Don’t discriminate with this list. If you come in contact with them during a 12 month period…they should be on this list.

7. Be a product of the product

If you don’t use the product, then why would someone buy it from you. Belief in your product is huge in this business. People are attracted to your excitement of why you love what you do. Try a new color every month or a new product every month, then tell everyone about it. People want to know what you think.

8. Find 5 People who want to work this biz with you

Strive for 5: Every month strive to add 5 ladies to your business. You want as many distributors directly sponsored by you as possible on your team. You want your team to get as many people sponsored to them as they can. Growing large strong teams will help you to grow your paycheck. If 5 every month doesn’t happen…don’t worry about it. You are human and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Just keep trying, follow-up with those who are interested, and get motivated to spread your excitement. If you are excited, then your team will be too.

You can make decent money only selling the products, but when you start growing your team you will start making bigger money.

9. Get 8 Ladies per week started with a LipSense Starter Kit

Our best customers always end up being our best team members or referral sources. Take care of your current customers, but always strive to get new ladies using LipSense or our products. Once they gloss they won’t stop. They will also tell everyone they know about this.

10. Get your business out in front of people

This is network marketing which means we always want to be networking. Networking is fancy for making new friends. You want to get your business in front of as many people as you can on a consistent basis.


  • Parties
  • Wedding expos
  • Salons demos
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Vendor Shows
  • Make new friends by joining clubs or groups
  • Go out into public (don’t make the mistake of always staying behind a computer)
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