Decide to Break Free

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break free
There comes a time in your venture when you have to choose to step up and decide it’s going to work for you.  The sooner you take your business or yourself seriously and go for what you want, then that becomes the moment you break free from whatever it is that is holding you back.

No one can make you successful or make you an expert at what you do.  That has to come from you and you alone.  You have to want it bad enough to do the work.  It takes 10,000 hours for someone to become an expert at something.  Are you willing to work and grow at one thing for 10,000 in order to become a success at it or an expert?  If you are not willing to try and put in the effort, then how can anyone have confidence in doing business with you?

You have to push those excuses aside for the sake of your sanity and other people’s sanity.  It’s not your sponsor’s fault for not “helping” or “supporting” you enough.  It’s not your family’s fault for not being passionate about what you are doing.  It’s not the fault of the person who said “NO”…they just don’t want what you have to offer.  It’s not personal…it’s business.

You have to learn to separate your “feelings” from your “business”.  Keep the drama out of our team because that is the fastest way to break your team.  Keep Leading by Example…You can work your people’s business for them.  You only have the power to show them how you work your business and brain storm.  The action has to come from them.  If they don’t want it…YOU CANNOT WANT It FOR THEM.  We don’t pull people up the mountain as we climb.  They are either coming or they are not.  Everyone has the same resources.  Everyone has the same chance.  Everyone has the same opportunity to grow to where they need to be.

Serious business owners set goals and go after them.  It’s one thing to see the vision and want to be successful; It’s another thing to take those action steps towards the goal.

So I leave you with this.  Are you going to step up, take action, and take control of your own success? OR are you going to let excuses or the “whatever it is” hold you back from where you want to be?  A little insight…if you are not willing to step up and do what it take, then you really must not want it.

Are you ALL IN?

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