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Use code 1278155 to get $10 off your first Modere order.

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  1. hello,

    I am trying to make my purchase and I cannot fill in a canadian address so I cant proceed. I had trouble like this on my first purchase and Laura Manco fixed the issue. When I login it seems i am not in a canadian area. Can this be fixed so I can place my order? Thank you!

    1. Post

      Sorry for the delay.
      For Canadian Customers wanting to order M3, Trim, and other products not yet available on the .ca site.
      1. First go to and then click on Create an account
      2. Then click on Canada NFR
      3. Fill out all the information on the screen below including referral code ___________
      4. Once you put in the referral code 1278155 you will see my name next to “You were referred by”
      5. Click on Create account and then you can click on shop and start ordering. Once you go to check out it will then ask you for the rest of their information like address and card number.

      Instructions to getting set up (Canadian Enrolment)
      Make note:

      Head to:
      Click JOIN
      sign up with your sponsors referal code – 1278155
      And choose your order/package

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