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The Ultimate It Works! Greens Review

What are the It Works! Greens?

If you’re like me, sometimes you struggle to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you should on a daily basis. Sometimes I just don’t have time to prepare the food, and if …

It Works! New You 3.0 Review

Did you know?

After we turn 30, our body produces less and less human growth hormone. By the time we turn 60, it can slow by up to 80%. HGH is important for many bodily functions that keep you …

Girl Scouts First Meeting!



The Girls were so excited for their first meeting!  It went so well.  I love this!  This is what I do for a living.  I empower people.  Now I get to help empower girls at a young age.  …

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Squiggly Jelly Worms


 These are fun for our kids!


•2 packs (3 oz) Raspberry jello
•1 pkg unflavored gelatin (for extra firmness)
•3/4 cup whipping cream
•3 cups boiling water
•15 drops green food coloring
•100 flexible straws (or enough …