2014 Billionaire Facts from Forbes!

2014 Forbes Billionaire List

Source: InvestingTips360

Anna Godfrey Presidential Diamond 616.307.1824
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Social Media Faux Pas

Pet Peeves of Social Media Marketers!

We are blessed with the ability to make the world a lot smaller via Internet and Social Media. Belly to Belly marketing can be made easy at a distance with the internet.  The …

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet

I’ve been searching for this.  I keep losing it, so I thought I would keep it on my blog for everyone!  This is a huge help when you are sizing images for your social media profiles and posts!

Here …

Blogging Tips you Must Know

 11 Essential Ingredients to Every Blog Post Needs

I am definitely a blog lover!  I was browsing the google+ and found this image and an article about 11 essential ingredients every blog post needs.  I thought I would share …

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Me?

So many Social media Platforms

Are you new to Social Media or are you an Oldie to Social Media but you don’t truly understand it?   If you have been following me, then you know I’m on my journey to helping you learn how to …