Advanced Hydrating Body Lotion

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Advanced Hydration Body Lotion

SeneDerm Advanced Hydration Body Lotion is a breakthrough skin care product for your body. This rich cream is loaded with powerful anti-aging ingredients like SenePlex+ for extremely advanced cellular renewal and Sodium Hyaluronate, which repairs damaged cell walls, as well as soothing botanicals like French Plum Oil for natural hydration. It intensely quenches skin with moisture, while increasing your skin’s ability to retain water to help correct and prevent signs of aging.

Some key natural botanicals in the formulation include:

French Plum Oil – provides pure hydration and a natural, light scent
Shea Butter – naturally regenerates and restores skin
Pea Extract – aids in collagen production and helps fight free radicals
Golden Bamboo – strengthens collagen and elastin
Orchid Extract – adds antioxidant protection and maximum moisturization

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