Your Key People: 7 signs to look for

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Your vibe your tribe? As you are networking, you are running across thousands of people. How do you choose who to build a relationship with? How do you know if you want them in your business?

Face it, not everyone is cut out for network marketing. Not everyone can do what you do, but there are people out there that can. Finding them can feel like trying to “Find Waldo” in those books with all the people. Some of them may appear to look like Waldo but they aren’t Waldo. When you do find Waldo you know it!

Positive relationships are key…push the toxic people out of your life and avoid those who can suck the life out of you. Your business, your choice!

7 signs to look for:

Their Happiness is infectious!

We’ve all found those people who are always happy. When you are around happy people, you can’t help but be happy too. Happiness is contagious; you want to surround yourself with positivity because this will make your experience in this business better.

They Show up!

People who show up…their income goes up. Showing up exhibits commitment, focus, and determination. If they show up to events or get on calls, then you know they are serious about their business. Choosing to take their business seriously is a good sign they value your time.

They call you or talk to you!

In my experience, those who call me everyday or chat with me everyday are the most successful. They are working their business by being engaged and prepared for success. They are probably goal setters, they enjoy mentorship, and are considered leaders.

They are eager to continue learning more and more!

A team will only grow as big as their leaders. These people are always learning and finding different ways to see things. They are out of the box thinkers who go out and find a way to make themselves successful. Your key people will thrive on personal development, business education, and meeting new people. Every interaction with a new person, you learn something new. Be a sponge, never stop learning.

They have goals and dreams!

If they don’t know where they are going, then what are they doing here? Your key people will know what they want and you will help them plot their journey to make it happen. Embrace those with big dreams and vision, but guide them to figure out how to make those dreams a reality. Know where you are going AND how to get there.

They have GRIT and Perseverance!

“Do you remember that person who quit? Neither does anyone else.” I see this over and over. A lot of people quit before anything can happen in their business. Everyone begins with a certain amount of contacts, but growing your circles takes time. You want people who have “don’t quit” tattooed on them. The grit to stick it out, perseverance to keep going, and the belief that this will all be worth it.

They want to help others!

People who realize that this type of business is more than a just a product and more than a vehicle to make money will be hugely successful. This is about helping other people get healthier and to help them provide for their families. This is about relationships and memories. If you found someone who knows these things and enjoys changing people’s lives, then you found a keeper!





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