11 Ways to Master Working from Phone

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Don’t you mean “Work from Home”?

Nope! I meant “Work from Phone” because that’s what we do these days. When you have your own home-based business, you are not always home! Not everyone has a computer, either. Phones, most people do have these and use them often.

What is a true work from phone business?

There are many companies out there that claim you can work entirely from your phone. Some people may be able to, but if you want to be successful in those companies you will have to do more. Parties, exposes, vendor events, and other traditional belly to belly functions are a MUST. How is the average person or the newbie networker going to build their network base?

Do I like to do parties?

Heck No! I also hate booking them too. I feel like I’m always imposing on someone’s home.

Do I like to vendor events?

Heck No! Sometimes the return on those events aren’t worth the hassle or trip. They are way too hit and miss. Plus, the same people have them all taken up. It’s almost impossible in some areas to find worthwhile events to do.

Why I chose a TRUE Work from Phone business!

The business I chose really IS work from Phone. The networking is done online. No parties required! No expos required! There are systems in place that they teach you to utilize that help even the newest networker gain success.

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What does working from your phone look like?

Here are 11 ways that you can MASTER the work from phone life!

  1. Where pajamas if you would like! Be comfortable because you will enjoy your work even more.
  2. Schedule what you can! If you can schedule some posts without losing authenticity, then do it. You will want to save your time for connecting and building relationships.
  3. Go live! Go love regularly! For this you will want to make sure you aren’t half naked, hehe. You will need good lighting, clear and clean background, and a semi-quiet place. Face-it, if you have kids or a family, quiet can be hard to come by.
  4. Texting a lot? Try MightyText to text from your PC. I find it makes having text conversations much easier. Sometimes I hate staring at a small screen.
  5. You get to Brand YOU! Embrace the branding piece of your work from phone biz. People are attracted to you by what you put out there. You get to choose who you work with by attracting people who are like YOU. People want to relate to someone. People want to surround themselves with like-minded people.
  6. Put your phone down! Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into your work from phone lifestyle all the time. Meals, family time, and personal development time should be “break from phone” time. Put your phone in a place where you won’t be tempted to look at it. Be present in your life, because if you aren’t present it won’t be worth it once you achieve it.
  7. Keep a list! Keep a list of people you are talking to. After a while, people will start to mush together. You will want to keep track of who to follow-up with and what you guys are talking about.
  8. Be mysterious! Working from your phone doesn’t mean spam the world. Be mysterious, attraction marketing is KING and will product more fruit than spamming your products. We don’t want to alienate people from our lives.
  9. Referrals are golden! People will notice how awesome you are. Even if they don’t want to participate in what you are doing, they may know someone. By them sharing your posts because they genuinely want to are huge trust movements. They are on the way to telling more people about what you have to offer. If they trust YOU, then they will feel comfortable sharing their people with you.
  10. Success is duplicable! Use the systems and let them work for you. Do not recreate the wheel. You will have such a large business, you cannot possibly coach everyone one on one. Plug everyone into the systems and let them work for you. The cream will rise to the top and you will see who you should invest your time into.
  11. Have fun with it! Fun is contagious which will attach people to you. If you aren’t having fun, then people will notice it. People can spot downers right away. Keep it positive, keep it fun, and keep it REAL. Build trust and friendships with your time on your phone. It will take you far!
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