I am Anna, the one and only! I strive to keep moving forward in my adventures as an entrepreneur, leader, and mother. I hope to inspire those around me to be their best selves. I hope to always work on growing into my best self. I want to be human, try new things, make mistakes, and learn from my failures.  I strive to set goals and crush them (must be the competitive trait in me hehe).

What do I blog about? I love to blog about many things.  Anything is fair game! I want to educate people on my business and products. I might post about social media tips or leadership. I might blog about my family…the skies the limit!


I am mother to two beautiful girls.  I love them very much. I am trying to teach them how to be strong, independent, and focused women.  I want them to be able to set goals, make good choices, and stand by what they believe in.

Alayna (my oldest) loves soccer, reading, school, fashion, and horses. She insists on going to horse camp even though we don’t have a horse.  She loves working hard and getting to be a better soccer player. She is a natural defender and really excels at it.  She currently wants to dye the bottom of her hair blue…of course I said, “No, I don’t think so.”  She does the right thing 99% of the time.  She strives to be a great example at school. We can expect big things from this girl.

Emma(my baby) loves to play outdoor soccer, video games, watch movies, singing, and loves to draw.  Her favorite things to draw are “humans” and anything outdoor related.  She loves to play soccer outside instead of playing indoors.  She loves running fast and speeding towards the goal.  She is my video game lover…we are currently playing Lego Harry Potter on Playstation Pro and MarioKart on her 2DS.  She is like her sister who leads by example and does the right thing 99% of the time. We can expect amazing entrepreneurial things from her because she is always thinking of ways to make money.

The Biz

“You are not most people. You are the answer for most people.”

When you become a leader in your life and in the network marketing industry, you realize the amount of influence you have. I see my business as a vehicle for change and confidence for other women.  The products are aMAZEballs, but it’s so much more than that. You don’t really realize you need a business like this until it has truly impacted your life and you see it impact other people’s lives for the better.  I strive to leave people better off because of my business and leadership than they were before they began.  I strive to build up amazing leaders and help people to lead their lives with confidence and intention.


I know how powerful a business like Senegence can be.  My last amazing adventure truly changed my life.  Life really hit my family hard.  My husband was sick and couldn’t work.  I had just had my 2nd child when I started the business.  I wasn’t working and our bills started to pile up.  I worked hard and quickly built up a hugely effective team.  After about 4 months I was able to pull our home out of foreclosure and catch us up on bills. I was a top leader for many years and my family was absolutely better off because of it.

I know how stressful it is to have more bills than you have money to pay them. I know what it is like to have to choose to buy groceries to feed your kids instead of paying a bill.  The constant shuffling of money and deciding what needs to be paid or what can wait is extremely stressful. The feeling of suffocating or panic every time a new bill arrived was painful and blinding. You don’t want to live a life you can’t really thrive in. You want to breath and make memories with your family without unnecessary stress. Life is too short to worry about money all the time.

If you are looking for something AMAZING in your life, then really think about joining my team.  There are so many benefits and you can take control of your legacy.

A few of the highlights:

  • Having fun
  • Amazing Compensation
  • Hot sizzle product that everyone wants
  • Momentus timing
  • Amazing Leaders who lead by example
  • Achieving Goals
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Setting a great example for your family
  • Building a great legacy
  • Amazing products
  • Making Dreams come true
  • Company perks and incentives
  • Team Building
  • Focus and Recognition

I believe in…

  • Loving my family because they are my WHY
  • The power of BELIEF
  • Team Work
  • Working Smarter
  • Taking massive action
  • Doing the right thing all the time (Even when it’s hard)
  • Putting my team first
  • Creating opportunities everywhere I go
  • Leading by example
  • Treating people the way I want to be treated
  • Creating a better legacy for my family
  • Setting goals and crushing them
  • Dreaming
  • Focusing on what we can control
  • Being the change we want to see happen
  • Always learning new skills
  • There is always something we can do
  • Thinking for myself
  • Leading with excitement and passion for my mission
  • Helping others

Hear it from a few of those who have worked with me over the years. I am very strong and passionate. I believe in myself, my journey, and most of all my people. I want to see people work for their dreams, grow as leaders, and excel in every area of life. Belief is a powerful driver of my life.What Kind of Leader am I?


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